definition of parasite

It is called parasite to that living being that lives and feeds on another without providing any type of benefit to the latter, which happens to be called a host and that in most cases and as a consequence of this situation of living at the expense of another living being, can cause you significant damage or injury.

When the parasite is housed to live in the "facilities" of the chosen host, it establishes a This relationship can be classified as symbiotic in which it will begin to be metabolically dependent on its host and of course, as we mentioned, it will not be beneficial at all for it, that is, it will not bring any advantage that it lives in the.

In both and contrary for the parasite, living at the expense of another being, will bring you a significant number of advantages such as protection against predators or competitors and also protection for their own offspring. In this last case that we propose, if the host becomes the protection of the offspring of a parasite, it may happen that they also end up feeding through it, increasing of course the danger of damage to it.

To parasites We can classify them into two groups. On one side are micro parasites which are characterized by being extremely small and numerous, multiplying within the host's cells and on the other hand are found macro parasites that grow but do not multiply within the host as if the previous ones, the great difference between the two classes lies here. They live inside the body of this or in its cavities and normally produce infectious foci that leave their host and cause damage to other beings.

The place that the parasite occupies within the body of the being that makes its home can vary, for example, the flea lives in contact with the outside of the host, which is why it is scientifically called an ectoparasite, while a tapeworm remains in the interior of the body of this and that is why it will be called an endoparasite. of the host.

Among the best known types of parasites we can mention the fungi, viruses and bacteria.

Cats, dogs, horses and even human beings are some of the many living beings that can house a parasite inside.

Parasitology is the discipline that deals with the study of these and the drug albendazole is the most used by medical professionals when it comes to combating them.