exception definition

The word exception is used to designate everything that makes a difference within a group, which is not equal to the rest but is recognizable for being different or unequal. The exception is always possible or exists whenever we speak of a group of elements, situations or characteristics that strengthen ties and common traits that, at the same time, differentiate them from something in particular that acts as different or diverse. The exception can be understood in an abstract way or in a concrete way, visible in practice.

The exception may be something that differs within something specific, for example, when there are ten green apples in an apple bin and one red. The red apple would occupy the place of exception since it acts as something different or not equal to all the rest. We can also speak of exception in terms of abstract issues, for example, when we say that a person's behavior throughout the day is an exception to their normal behavior since they normally act differently.

Leaving a little of these examples, we must point out that the term exception is also widely used in politics and in the social sphere. Thus, when a country is in a clear and deep political, social and economic chaos, it is easy to resort to exceptions or a "situation of exceptionality" that justifies in a certain way the use of practices that are not entirely legal or accepted by the constitutions and by the legal framework. This happens because, given this exception, it is more important to solve problems directly and quickly than to stop to observe theoretical elements about society.

This is very characteristic of coups d'état that remove the legitimately established power from the government and establish a new government based on illegality. As has happened throughout history in many countries, those who carry out this type of action claim to do so in the name of exceptionality, the cause that made the action necessary, and they promise to end this type of government when the exceptionality has disappeared.