what is an act of commerce »definition and concept

The Commerce It is one of the oldest and most classic economic activities practiced by humanity to obtain an economic profit from it. Starting from it and paying the corresponding assigned value, the exchange of goods, values ​​and even services is plausible, which on the one hand will satisfy the needs of a consumer and on the other they will report an economic return to whoever sells, markets them. .

A act of commerce it will be that action that an individual or company carries out and by which they specify the purchase of a good, a product, or, failing that, the acquisition of the rights of the aforementioned, from the payment of a sum of money agreed with whoever sells , which until then will be the owner or holder of the rights to the property in question.

It should be noted that the final objective pursued through the act of commerce is to obtain an economic benefit. Meanwhile, the economic gain that is perceived will be materialized from the moment in which the disposal of the asset is achieved and may also be increased if a modification is made to the asset that increases the value that was paid for it. Such action will be carried out within the framework of specialized regulations, in force, each country has its own depending on its characteristics and that will guide the act.

Among the most common acts of commerce we can mention the following: the purchase of movable property or rights inherent thereto, the typical banking operations, the purchase and sale of articles, among others.

The merchant is the professional who has the means and the ability to carry out a commercial act, since he presents a detailed knowledge of the law that regulates commercial exchange in his country and in the specific sector in which he works. Therefore, it is not correct to call a merchant a person who suddenly carries out an act of commerce, because receiving such a name requires habitual practice and in-depth knowledge of the commercial environment.

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