definition of elevator

The lift is a machine that is available in apartment buildings, or in houses, that have several floors and acts as the main means of transporting individuals and goods, allowing them to go up or down through the floors provided by the building or house in question. Take the elevator at the back and go up to the fourth floor which is where the claims office you are looking for is located.

The design of the elevators is always vertical in order to satisfactorily fulfill the purpose of ascending or descending through the floors of a building.

It should be noted that the elevator is made up of electrical, mechanical and electronic elements , which together, allow the aforementioned mobility through the building while guaranteeing safe movement.

The cabin It is the part in which people ascend or descend from the various floors, while its dimensions will depend on the type of building in question, since generally in office buildings, unlike those intended for family homes, elevators They are really wide to admit a superior movement of people, basically, because the movement of people is more important throughout the day.

Inside the car there is a button panel that contains buttons marked with the different floors, plus an alarm and a stop button that users can operate from the car to prevent the movement of the elevator.

The elevator is accessed through a door, which can be manually or automatically opened, each time the elevator stops on the floor, meanwhile, to maintain the safety of this device, it is that if the elevator is not yet stopped On the floor you want to take, the manual door cannot be opened, since it has a mechanism that locks it.

Safety is a basic and very important issue in elevators, therefore in its design it is an issue that is highly thought out to the smallest detail and so if some of the contacts fail, in almost all elevators the stop will occur. of your gait to avoid accidents.