definition of radio soap opera

Television marked a turning point in the form of entertainment for families, until that moment, radio was the means of communication par excellence in homes. And just as on television there is an entertainment offer based on informational spaces, entertainment programs and musical spaces, on the radio there are also various stations and various content. Radio soap operas were very successful at the beginning as a way of telling stories.

It is a serial dramatized on the radio, a story that shows a beginning, a plot and an ending narrated through different episodes. This type of work began to be broadcast at the beginning of the 20th century. This type of story was deeply rooted before the public that was emotionally involved in the adventures and misadventures of its characters.

Radio Serials

While soap operas not only have the value of auditory but also visual information. On the radio, the news channel is the voice. Novels in which the setting was based on voices, sound, silence and music.

The radio soap operas could revolve around different themes, but love was a common note in many of these stories that exalted the value of passion and feelings. The magic of this form of entertainment is that the listener traveled through his imagination to those places described in the plot, visualizing every detail in his imagination. The radio was that channel through which to give dreams, illusions, fantasy and stories to people while they were at home doing simple tasks such as cooking, doing housework or resting.

Radio soap operas were deeply rooted both in Latin American countries and in Spain. For the plot to have an interest that evolves throughout the development of the story, there must be a conflict.

Types of conflict

For example, the main character may be faced with the conflict of having to choose between wanting and duty. Another common conflict, in love radio soap operas, is that the two main protagonists who love each other cannot be together because there is some barrier that separates them. For example, they belong to different social classes.

There are also several characters with clear and differentiated profiles. Characters that stand out for their infinite goodness while others have evil in their actions.

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