definition of artwork

At field of art, is named artwork to that production made by a visual artist or any individual, which is the result of their creativity and imagination, and which expresses either a concept or a sentimental or emotional manifestation.

Production of a human being that results from their creativity and that expresses an emotion or social message

In other words, the work of art is a creation in which the intentionality of the artist is fully reflected and in evidence.

Meanwhile, an artist will be one who has the creative capacity and creates from his or her inspiration; You can dedicate yourself professionally to art, or develop it as a hobby.

Art is a concept invaded by the subjectivity of whoever practices it and whoever observes it, and for that matter is that many times fiery polemics are generated around what is art or who should be considered as an artist ...

Art, the fruit of the work of a human being and sustained by an aesthetic purpose

Art, for its part, is any activity carried out by someone or the fruit of work done by a human being and that has a strictly aesthetic mission by which ideas, feelings, the view on a subject, among others, can be transmitted.

Meanwhile, it is in art where the sensitive vision of an individual about the world that surrounds him, the visible one, and also that of his imagination can best be appreciated.

As a consequence, art is a fundamental element of culture that allows us to know through it the ideas and states that prevailed in a certain time and place.

Since the concept of art is closely associated with the fine arts is that it is called a work of art, almost exclusively, to the plastic arts products, which are also known major arts, being the painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, illustration, engraving, some of the most prominent.

Now, let's not forget about the literary works, musical compositions and films, which are also considered today as works of art like paintings and sculptures.

Art has not been the same in each era, but each one has its value and is a reflection of it

Without a doubt it has been the cultural movement known as Renaissance, which arose in Western Europe in the 15th century and extended until the 17th, the one that most contributed and revolutionized the field of art.

Leonardo Da Vinci, painter of Italian origin and faithful exponent of this moment in history , has been one of the greatest geniuses and creators of works of art.

His works, always ahead of their time, are considered unique and have enjoyed the unanimous admiration of the people through the centuries.

Now, the art its practice and expression began thousands and thousands of years before the Renaissance, since being one of the typically human activities it appeared precisely with the first humans who expressed it in caves, where they lived or took refuge from the climate and predators.

Daily life and hunting activity, one of the main actions that these first men developed, were the themes on which the most original art dealt.

And from this moment on, art did not stop growing, evolving, as has the human being himself over the years.

When addressing this issue we cannot ignore that there is and has always been a debate around what should or should not be considered as art.

Specialists in this field establish a series of conditions that must be met to talk about art: aesthetics, the sense of beauty, and the artist's need to communicate something.

Meanwhile, each time and period had and will have its own characteristics, values, trends and of course the artistic concern of each artist, that is why sometimes wanting to compare is absolutely unfeasible, because realities and time were absolutely different in the times of the first humans and in the Renaissance.

No art was neither better nor worse, in the second one can speak of a greater evolution, without a doubt, but in terms of expressiveness of the art itself, both are highly valuable, because they express the artistic streak of the human being, with the corresponding conjuncture .

When cave paintings made by primitive men were discovered at the time, they did not receive the appreciation they deserved, even more, they were devalued and were not considered as art.

Fortunately, over time we got rid of prejudices and their high value was recognized.

It should be noted that this concept is also often referred to as artwork, artwork or masterpiece.

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