definition of growth

The word increase is the term we use to designate the increase in size, quantity or importance that has acquired, assumed, something, someone or some matter, that is, the word can be applied to people, things or situations and in various areas.

Increase that something or someone goes through in size, importance or other issues

In the case of the growth of people, they, with the advancement of growth, will gradually increase their body size until they reach the physiology of an adult individual.

Human evolution

The growth of people in biological matters is simply observable and is classified into different stages which are characterized by concrete advances in certain activities and in the physical field.

Childhood, adolescence, and adulthood are those covers in which substantial evolutions can be envisioned in the human being.

For example, in adolescence, the body of men and women undergoes important changes in hormonal matters and in the development of various organs, such as the genitals, it is at this stage that women get their first menstruation and from that moment she can be a mother.

Men also show important changes, and both coincide in sexual awakening.

Increase in the economy of a country: factors that determine it

Meanwhile and outside the physical and organic context of living beings, we often use the word growth to talk about the favorable evolution of thingsFor example, a country that stands out for the advancement of its economy will be said to be experiencing economic growth.

It is precisely on the economic plane that this word is most often heard, to refer to the growth of the economy in general, of some indicator, for example of GDP, among others, this being the one that allows us to appreciate the growth or not of a economy.

On the other hand, when there is an increase in the production of goods and services in a country, one can speak of its growth.

When a country grows it will always imply a benefit for its community because that will mean that people will have a better quality of life, their salaries will be enough to satisfy their needs, trade will be active and therefore there will be jobs.

The same can also be expressed in relation to a business or a company.

Evolutionary process of living organisms

And on the other hand, growth can refer to the evolution experienced by some organism or by some of its parts and that of course accounts for the traditional and unstoppable advance that living organisms experience due to cell multiplication that is responsible for those specialized structures to reach the planned development.

In multicellular beings, growth corresponds to an increase in the number of cells.

This process culminates with the death of the living being.

And in the case of unicellular organisms, the cell will grow to a certain point at which it divides and gives way to a new organism.

For any living being to grow as it must feed and it can consist of inorganic matter that is metabolized and reconverted to organic, for example.

For cell growth to be possible, it is very important that the cells assimilate the nutrients that enter the body in question, because the energy they provide will ultimately allow the construction of structures.

Otherwise, that is, without the proper synthesis of nutrients, growth will be affected and it will not develop properly.

It should be noted that development progresses in stages, starting with the cells, continuing with the tissues, continuing through the organs and until reaching the systems, which are the aforementioned expert structures that deal with the most prominent biological work within an organism.

While, hormones, such as: corticosterone, somatotropin, testosterone, and estrogen, play a special role in the growth of human beings since they can either accelerate, or otherwise inhibit the development of cells, that is, an evolution or involution in this sense also depends on them.

We must emphasize that the concept of growth in any context that is applied will always be related to the increase or positive evolution of something or someone.

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