definition of interdependence

The term interdependence allows you to designate the reciprocal dependence, that is, mutual, that exists between two questions, variables, people, countries among others,

Basically, interdependence will imply a situation in which the variables, people, etc., that are in the situation of interdependence, are mutually responsible and share principles that both subscribe.

It should be noted that interdependence is a concept that is considerably different from the reference that dependence holds, because an interdependent relationship supposes that those who participate in it are, at most levels of their lives, emotional , moral, economic and political, independent, except that they share maxims, principles that make them a whole.

The word interdependence is a term that is repeatedly used at the behest of different spheres and contexts, so in the political, economic, social, among others, it is possible to hear about it.

For example, in the world in which we live today, in which globalization is a concrete reality, it is impossible that the different countries, despite having an irrefutable independence given by their own legislation and government, are not in a constant interdependence relationship in areas such as commerce, technology, communications. Even the colonial powers experience a relationship of interdependence with their colonies, because yes or yes, despite the superior force they hold over them in political terms, in order to achieve their own development they need, for example, the raw materials that their colonies produce.