definition of supervision

The supervision implies the action of inspecting, controlling, either a job or a type of activity and is always exercised by a senior professional who is fully trained for this purpose. The latter turns out to be a sine quanom condition, because whoever has the mission of supervising something must be at a higher level than those who perform the activity or work that demands to be supervised. I was commissioned to supervise the filming in the face of the illness of the assistant director.

The primary and basic objective of supervision is that the activities or works that are deployed are executed satisfactorily.

Generally, supervision is a very present activity at the request of companies, especially those that offer products and services for consumption and it is necessary to comply with quality requirements, and on the other hand, for the optimal use of available resources. So in companies it is common to meet someone who plays the role of supervisor.

Among the various tasks that concern the supervisor, the following stand out: control over the workers, over the raw materials used, over the state of the machinery, if used, and over any other essential resource involved in the work.

As a consequence of the responsibility of the position he exercises, the supervisor must be fully qualified for the exercise of the position; He must have solid knowledge regarding the materials, techniques and procedures involved in production and must also have command and pedagogical capacities that allow him to deal with the personnel to be supervised and trained.

In most companies, supervisors must report regularly to a superior, director, or manager.

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