definition of co-evaluation

The Co-evaluation Consists of the evaluation of a student's performance through the observation and determinations of their own fellow students. The aforementioned type of evaluation turns out to be really innovative because it proposes that the students themselves, who are the ones with the mission of learning, who place themselves for a moment in the teacher's shoes and evaluate the knowledge acquired by a classmate and that they they have also had to learn timely.

This feedback that this type of evaluation proposes, seeks and tends to improve learning, because it will encourage students to feel really participants in the process of apprehension of content and not mere assistants of a class, Co-evaluation proposes that students participate in their own learning process and that of the rest of their classmates through the expression of critical judgments about the work of others.

Some considerations that yes or yes should be taken into account at the time of the peer co-evaluation are the following: if he was pending of the task, communicating and participating actively, that is, suggesting ideas, sharing knowledge and also ideas, if He was responsible, worrying about enriching and improving the task of the team in which he had to participate, if he communicated clearly, precisely, concisely and cordially with the rest of his colleagues, accepting opposing opinions and establishing his own ideas and his own reflection on the team, analyzing its performance and the issues that could improve its dynamics, for example.

They are often confused, so it is worth noting that the coevaluation has nothing to do with the self appraisal, since in the latter it is oneself who evaluates the knowledge acquired and reflects on them, on the other hand, as we mentioned, all the students who make up a team participate in the co-evaluation.

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