plan definition

A plan is above all the consequence of an idea, generally and in order to achieve an optimal organization, It will take the form of a written document in which said idea will be reflected together with the goals, strategies, tactics, guidelines and policies to be followed in time and space, as well as the instruments, mechanisms and actions that will be used to achieve the proposed ends and what were the motivation of the plan. The resource of writing it on a sheet or typing it on the computer will avoid forgetting, losses or other issues that threaten the continuation of the project.

Meanwhile, the plan is also characterized by its dynamism, since a plan does not turn out to be a static instrument without movement, on the contrary, it will always be aware of and aware of the modifications that are necessary to make it based on the results that are obtained.

It is very common and a very useful tool for future companiesBefore becoming such, they make use of the so-called business plan to position themselves and see if the initiative they propose is viable and profitable in the medium and long term. With this, what is done is to avoid unnecessary expenses or wasted time in projects that may not make sense and most importantly: it allows to have control of the business that you want to do with respect to the dreaded failure.

In addition, the plan allows its organizers to reflect on the initial idea, look for the best alternatives and shape a coherent discourse that will ultimately be the key to the success of the company, if necessary, because the plan will also act thus, as a kind of letter of presentation of the same so that in the initial times the investors or the future and possible partners and clients approach.

Among the essential elements that any business plan should contemplate They include: characterizing and differentiating the product or service to be offered, the curriculum of those responsible, including studies and skills of the people who will make up the company, an analysis of the market in which it must compete, the operations it will have, the financial forecasting and financing mechanisms.

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