definition of volatile

Volatile is understood to be those elements that, due to their physical characteristics, are easy to fly or disperse in the air. Normally, the term is used a lot in questions or phenomena that have to do with physics or science. However, it can also be used metaphorically to refer to social phenomena, for example when it is meant that a person has very volatile relationships which means that their relationships or contacts with other people are very unstable and not lasting.

It should be clarified that the term volatile is a qualifying adjective that is applied to certain explicit phenomena or things. Volatile is something that tests the characteristics of volatility, that is, the ability to rise and disperse in the air. For something to be considered volatile, it has to meet certain characteristics, especially being very light or light in weight so that the air itself can disperse or lift it in the event that this is necessary. In addition, it is also important for example if it is gaseous matter, that it does not have a very high concentration and thus the air can be heavier than it to be able to fly in it.

As mentioned, the volatile applies in most cases to physical or scientific matters. But the term is also often used for other issues, those that are not scientific at all and that are related more than anything to social aspects. This is clear when talking about phenomena that have a short duration and that are very fragile in the face of different events in reality, for example a promise that is volatile is a promise that does not last long and is therefore not explicitly fulfilled.