definition of new testament

The New Testament It is one of the two parts in which the Bible. In principle we find the Old Testament which contains a series of documents and sacred texts, of Israeli origin, and which predate the birth of Jesus Christ. Meanwhile, the New Testament It is made up of a group of books and letters dating from the time after the birth of Jesus. For example, it is that in the New Testament we find a wealth of information about Jesus, his action on earth, his evangelization, among other issues.

Although Christians somehow share the Old Testament with the Jews, this being a sacred content of reference, the same does not happen with the New Testament, the latter being a document proper to Christians and not shared at all with the Jews.

The New Testament is composed of 27 books. The first four correspond to the gospels of four of the apostles who followed and accompanied Jesus during his stay on earth, Mateo, Marcos, Lucas and Juan. These are followed by another book entitled Acts of the Apostles, in which the history of the Christian religion is shown in a complete and detailed way, and by case it is an unavoidable reference document if you want to know this topic.

Then follow a series of epistles addressed to various audiences and the 27th or final chapter is the so-called Revelation or also called by some as Revelations of Jesus Christ. The main characteristic of this is its absolutely prophetic content.

As we know, the Bible is the religious book par excellence at the request of the Jewish and Christian religions since it collects and transmits the word of God. In any case, the spread of the Bible goes beyond these religions and even what is recorded a few years ago, the Bible, already has more than two thousand four hundred translations into different languages.