definition of technique

It is designated by the word technique to that Procedure that is normally composed of a series of rules or protocols and whose ultimate mission is to achieve a certain result in a task or activity that can be associated with various areas such as: science, art, technology, some sport, among others.

Procedure made up of rules that aims to achieve a positive objective in some context or action

The technique, whatever it may be, and regardless of the context in which it is applied, always pursues the achievement of an objective with the intervention of the least amount of resources or efforts, that is, achieving the goal with scarce resources.

Of course, a technique can be planned that will be considered to be successful, and may not be so in the end, the techniques are tested as they are carried out and if they work they continue to be used and if they are not discarded.

Manual and intellectual skills to achieve success

It should be noted that the successful deployment of a technique will require intellectual and manual skills by the person who performs it and also the handling of tools or utensils .

Then, the technique supposes both the modality and the instruments that are used to achieve the projected end.

It is important to clarify that a technique does not imply science because its topic is dedicated to particular cases and not to universal ones, that is, it applies to the solution of a specific conflict or the performance of an activity or task..

Men developed the technique with the intention of modifying a medium or providing it with specific characteristics in order to adapt it much more to the needs it demanded..

The imagination and creativity are two of the faculties that the individual uses to develop the technique that best suits their demands.

Meanwhile, its possibility of transmission to other pairs is what has allowed that a certain technique created by someone is not finished, but quite on the contrary, with this possibility it can be continued through the centuries, and even bring new features and improvements to starting from the knowledge of its results.

Mostly, all the activities that we carry out in our daily lives follow a technique.

Although we do not take it into account because many daily activities we do automatically and without thinking too much about that habit in doing, the techniques to carry them out are present and are what allow us to develop them.

Applications of the technique in sport, economy and everyday life

With an example we will see it more clearly, to study, most follow a study technique, first read the text, namely, then underline the most prominent concepts, and finally turn them into a summary so that that knowledge is integrated into our cognitive structure.

On the other hand, the sports field is one of the areas that makes the most use of the technique.

Each sport, each sport discipline, has a series of procedures that pursue a positive result, which we must say will be achieved if it is executed correctly, when the technique fails, that is, the indicated is not followed, the the more likely it is that the defeat or failure of the team or athlete will occur.

For example, in tennis, it is essential that the player hits the ball with a set of movements and in a certain way to get it to pass the net and be able to achieve the positive point against the opponent on duty.

Of course, the innate talent of the player intervenes and is often the determining factor in winning a game, but so is the technique and the more it is practiced, the better the blow in question will come out, be it serve, drive, among others.

And the same can carry over to soccer, basketball, gymnastics, swimming, and other sports.

The economy, on the other hand, is another of the contexts that make use of the technique to increase production and lower costs, that is, to be more productive by investing as many resources as possible, a fact that will of course make the business more profitable. and also, on the other hand, it will allow the producer to offer the goods and services at prices that are more convenient for consumers.

In other words, in conclusion we can ensure that when the technique applied in the economic plane is effective, not only will the seller enjoy the benefits, but also the recipient or buyer.

Now, it is worth mentioning that men are not the only ones capable of developing a technique, some animals are also capable of doing it and create some tools that are very useful for their survival.

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