definition of personnel selection

The concept in question is widely used in the workplace to designate the company or the area or department within a company that deals exclusively with the selection of personnel and their subsequent hiring , after it has been chosen among the applicants for the vacant positions, or the new job positions.

Area within a company or company that is exclusively dedicated to the election of personnel to fill vacant positions

It should be noted that this choice can be deployed by an individual only, or failing that by an office composed of several professionals, generally, this depends on the size of the company, for example, large companies usually have this type of areas , or also delegate this work to companies specialized in this task.

This last situation, then, is the most common in large and important companies that have a constant movement of employees and, for example, require a department that is constantly working in this regard.

Contacts by notices in graphic press or on the internet

Meanwhile, in those cases in which the company is smaller, notices with the requirements are usually published through the graphic press, in the popular classifieds, although, with the rise of the internet, we must say that these have become somewhat obsolete and so it is that Much of this process has been transferred to the Internet, where various web pages offer the service of posting job announcements, plus the corresponding contact, so that the applicant can contact directly with the company that is in search of a profile such as yours.

On the other hand, these pages have the possibility of registering personal data and curriculum to receive timely notifications about searches associated with your profile.

Meanwhile, as indicated above, the main attribution that the human resources area or the person who is dedicated to it will have is that of personnel selection.

How is the selection process

Selection of personnel it is that action, activity, that the human resources department will deploy and that consists of choosing, following certain parameters and conditions, the most suitable people to occupy a position or a vacant position in a company.

In some cases, in addition to the requirements that applicants for a position must meet, it may happen that professionals dedicated to the selection of personnel are in charge of providing training or education in some aspect to them.

But of course, there is a step before this and it is the selection of a number of applicants to determine which of them is the best.

Currently, it is common for job seekers to send a curriculum vitae to employment agencies or to companies directly, to these recruitment departments.

Those responsible for the area, are filing the resumes that they receive based on professional activity, etc., while, when a requirement arrives, said curriculum will be reviewed in order to then be able to cite the applicants who meet the best conditions for the position to occupy.

Therefore, it is essential that this curriculum clearly indicates the studies carried out, be it university, courses, languages, special skills, professional experience, personal contact information and a personal photograph.

In order to know for sure if a person can assume a position or a vacant position, those in charge of the selection of personnel use various instruments and methods, among which the following stand out: personal interviews, knowledge testing on certain fundamental aspects through specific practices and exams, such as: computer skills, languages, psychological tests, among others.

Aptitude, knowledge and psychological tests

When an applicant says to handle this or that knowledge, aptitude must endorse it, if requested, for example, if the job requires as a condition without equanom that he knows the Portuguese language, the applicant will surely be subjected to a test in this regard to check that it does indeed handle it.

The psychological aspect of an employee is as important as his suitability because although he performs his role very well, if the employee is hostile towards his colleagues, it will inevitably generate discord and a bad work climate that in the long run will end up affecting the performance of the company .

The main objective when selecting the personnel of a company is that they be as suitable as possible in what they will be commissioned to do in order to maximize the performance of the company.

Only through professionals, qualified employees, a company will be able to take off and become a benchmark in its field.

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