definition of grammar article

The grammar article is the part of the sentence that deals with expressing the gender (masculine / feminine) and the number (Plural / singular) of the name or object in question.

An integral element of a sentence and that will express the gender and number of a noun

In other words, the article serves as a determining updater in order to be able to specify or update the reference of a noun, to go from being unknown to something concrete. In some way, what the grammatical article achieves when used correctly is to place what is said in the corresponding field and in the mutual agreement of the interlocutors.

Item Classes

In the case of the Spanish language there is an article that defines what is masculine, the, when it comes to singular, as long as the, in the case that you want to express plurality; and also a feminine one, the, when it comes to expressing uniqueness and the, when we speak in the plural. For instance: The cow had calves. Cows graze in the field; the clock stopped at eleven o'clock in the morning. The watches you collect are really beautiful.

An exception to this rule is that the article he is used before a feminine if the word begins with a tonic... the eagle, the sugar, among others.

But there are also undefined articles how to be a (in the case of singular masculine), a (when it comes to a singular feminine, some (in masculine plurals) and nails (feminine plurals).

Companion of nouns

The nouns that have the semantic functionality of naming beings and objects on which they manifest, usually qualities, have a common companion that is precisely the grammatical article.

Meanwhile, it is concerned with specifying whether the object or person being talked about is male or female, if it is one, or several, among other issues.

The articles are elements of the language that we use extensively and by case is that we must know how to use them in order to express ourselves in agreement and be understood. They have a secondary consideration with respect to the noun, for example, but the support function they have for them makes them very valuable.

Let us think of someone who does not apply the articles in a corresponding way, saying the friend, instead of the corresponding friend, will surely be pointed out and considered as an ignorant person in this sense.

Topic that is learned in school in the subject of grammar

Grammar is the discipline that deals with studying the different ways and structures that language presents and this is precisely what concerns us in this review.

In elementary school, the teaching of this subject is taught, and without a doubt, it is one of the most important since it is the one that opens the student's knowledge regarding the correct use of their language.

Each word has a special functionality, there are also rules to respect and that are relevant when expressing our agreement. If these basic questions are not learned from an early age, it will be very complex for the person to achieve a correct development in their life and not to mention aspiring to a job that provides well-being and growth.

Depending on the Spanish-speaking countries, the subject in which grammar is taught is called language and of course grammar is one of the main items to be explained and learned.

Obviously, during the primary school stage, knowledge will spread progressively and taking into account the complexities, increasing them as the school levels progress.

Going back in time, it is revealed that Indo-European languages (languages ​​corresponding to Europe and South Asia) lacked articles, except for classical Greek, which did. And for their part, Semitic languagesExcept for the most widespread, Hebrew and Arabic, there are no articles.