what is true love »definition and concept

True love is that feeling experienced as a couple that many people dream of. It should be pointed out that for love to be true there must be reciprocity. There is no love if one loves but is not reciprocated. It is only possible to create a shared project in common with the help of mutual collaboration and the will of both. True love comes from the hand of unconditional affection. That strong feeling through which one person truly knows another not only in their virtues but also in their defects.

There is no love if there is no real knowledge of the other. Therefore, no person can truly love another on a first date or in the first month of dating. Falling in love is not love, it is a stage of love, but it does not always lead to this feeling of unconditionality and full acceptance of the other.

Unconditional love

True love means respecting the other person in their dignity, understanding that they are different from yourself. Therefore, if you really love him, you must empower him in his freedom. This nuance is important to differentiate it from any type of attachment or toxic love. Physical attraction calms with the passage of time, as does body beauty itself, since the years bring wrinkles with them, however, there is a form of love that can last and grow: admiration.

The admiration you feel for the way your partner is or some of his virtues, for example, his ability to overcome, his patience, his positive attitude towards life ...

Romantic stereotypes

True love has nothing to do with romantic comedy clichés. Two people who really love each other also argue but assertively manage their differences.

True love is not found in a definitive way but is created every day. That is, people who manage to enjoy sentimental stability for a long time seek the formula of breaking the routine to consolidate their story through new details and more paths.

Active listening, humility, physical contact, shared leisure time, friendship, fidelity and communication are basic ingredients in the recipe for real love. A love that is not only feeling but also reason and intelligence.

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