definition of social communication

It is called as social comunication To that study area that studies and investigates issues such as communication, information, expression, the role of the mass media and cultural industries.

But of course, without a doubt, communication is one of the fundamental issues addressed by this discipline. Communication is the relationship that is established between a sender, who is the individual who issues the message, and a receiver, who will be the one in charge of decoding, receiving the message. Both share a common code and it is through it that they communicate. Although, the question is not so simple, other elements also intervene in this relationship such as the context (all those questions that are around the message and that can affect its meaning); code (which includes the conventional signs and symbols that humans use to communicate); and the channel (which will be the means through which the message can be transmitted and reach its destination).

Social communication is a fundamental and essential tool when it comes to building public opinion. Well-conducted communication allows opening bridges of dialogue between the different social actors and with this, of course, it contributes directly to the strengthening of democracy.

Then, taking into account that communication is decisive for human development, it will be necessary and important to promote the participation and knowledge of people about the influence of this and also of all the technologies that have been linked to it in the last years. Implementing programs and promoting communication programs will help society in general in this very important sense of using communication responsibly and for its own development.

The concept also designates in many parts of the world the University career in which knowledge can be acquired regarding the topics mentioned above. That is to say, this career is concerned with training social communicators so that they can perform satisfactorily in the area of ​​communication, whether in the press, in a company, or in any other place where they exercise the functions of communicator.

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