cell definition

A cell is the space or field where data is entered in a spreadsheet.

In computing, cells are fields of variable size and arrangement that allow data, generally numerical, to be entered in order to relate them and perform mathematical operations on spreadsheets. Typically, the cell is a rectangular space that is formed between rows and columns and that is identified by the combination of one or more letters and a number. For example, B1 or AAA5. Information such as text or numbers, formulas and instructions is entered in the cell.

In computer science, spreadsheets are a type of software that has the purpose of managing and manipulating numerical and alphanumeric data located in tables made up of rows and columns. A spreadsheet is used to perform mathematical operations, solve functions and formulas, and generate graphs and reports.

The best known spreadsheets are Microsoft Excel, from the Office suite, Numbers, from Apple's iWork package, Lotus 1-2-3, Calc, Gnumeric and others.s. Software of this nature usually requires a certain type of training, but once acquired, its use is reliable and simple.

In operations as simple as keeping accounts for a family or a small group of people, the use of a spreadsheet is useful. Of course, in other much more complex operations such as drawing conclusions about the state of the economy of a small or large company, especially a business, this type of software is essential and very useful to facilitate operations and save time and money.

Cells are then the unit par excellence to start the entry of information of all kinds in a spreadsheet and put them in relation to each other (through the intersection of rows and columns) to execute operations and obtain precise results with small or large proportional amounts of information available.

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