definition of reasoning

Reasoning is the set of mental activities that consists of the connection of ideas according to certain rules and that will support or justify an idea. In other simpler words, reasoning is the human faculty that allows you to solve problems after having reached conclusions that allow you to do so..

Types of reasoning

There are two types of reasoning, logical reasoning, which makes use of the understanding to move from one proposition to another, starting from what is already known or from what is believed to know the unknown or less known. In this, the reasoning that is made through this form may or may not be valid. It will be considered valid when its premises offer sufficient support to the conclusion and in the invalid one, exactly the opposite happens.

And then there is the non-logical reasoning, also known as informal, which will not only be based on premises like the previous one, but will also be helped by experience and context.

An argument is the verbal expression of a reasoning and allows us to reach decisive conclusions

Reasoning, in addition, corresponds to the verbal activity of arguing, because an argument is the verbal expression of reasoning, after having established principles of classification, ordering, relationship and meanings..

We also use the concept a lot to designate that series of concepts and arguments that a person uses and expresses out loud with the mission of demonstrating something.

Let's think about what we are convinced about because observation and thought allowed us to determine it: such a business will not work as our brother believes because we do not have the financial resources or the physical place necessary for it to function properly.

The reasoning shows that the absence of the aforementioned issues will lead the business to direct failure regardless of the desire and ideas that we have.

Because basically this sense of the word is that, an organization and structuring of ideas in our mind and then arrive at a conclusion on a topic.

Very useful when it comes to persuasion

But this mental activity of producing reasoning is not only useful to demonstrate something, but it is also effective when it comes to getting someone's favor, to persuade a person.

On the other side, there will be an interlocutor who will also use his reasoning to be able to discern what is the best option for something and of course also to believe or not what the other proposes to prove.

An underdeveloped capacity and the school is responsible for not promoting it as it should

In spite of being an intellectual capacity in fact very important for people, because through it, as we have pointed out, they will be able to solve from the simplest to the most complex problems, it turns out to be one of the least developed by most people . For example, the school that should be the main responsible for developing this capacity, due to the educational function it performs, focuses more, through subjects such as Language, on the student studying and learning spelling or grammar, but they are in debt to learning the methods of expression that are essential for students to make more complete use of language.

Recommended exercises to exercise it

Some of the exercises that specialists recommend the most to be able to exercise this important capacity are: verbal analogies, exercises in which sentences have to be completed, ordering of sentences and games in which certain concepts have to be excluded from a group.

A positive mental activity for our lives

Ultimately we must also say that it will always be a favorable question to reason than not to do so, because those people who act in life without reasoning tend to suffer more complications than those who do it properly.

This typically human capacity is there for all of us to use and derive good fruit from that job.

Returning to the example that we gave above about the business that you want to start, if we did not have the possibility of reasoning, we would surely undertake with our brother that commercial venture that is destined to fail, however, the reasoning made us realize that the conditions are not there. given to do it and saved us a problem.

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