definition of decision making

Decision-making is a purely human capacity of the power of reason together with the power of the will. That is, thought and wanting are united in one direction. The thought it is like the light that brings clarity to the heart and the will guided by that light pursues the correct choice. Decision making shows the personal freedom of each human being who has the power to decide what he wants to do.

Reflection process, not to be caught

Take one decision It is a reflective process that requires time to assess different options and also the consequences of each decision. Often times, people push themselves too hard when they want to make a decision and aspire to make the right choice when in reality, in life, it does not matter which path you take because you are always going to take risks.

But in addition, it is worth remembering that there is no unique correct road. On the other hand, it is also advisable to remember that you took a decision According to your maturity at that time, therefore, you did things to the best of your ability.

Consult other people's experience

Every human being has the internal resources necessary to make decisions, however, people also tend to seek outside support in making an important decision. For example, the advice of a friend, a coaching process, the help of a mentor ...

Life is a constant decision making, between simple and others that mark us

Every day we take decisions In our life. Some are transcendental and others are very routine and daily, however, all of them directly influence our happiness because in each decision we get closer or further away from our goals. This is a good criterion when making a decision: assess whether that step brings you closer to or away from your goal.

Parents should let their children decide for themselves, to learn from their own experiences

When it comes to making decisions effectively, experience is a degree. That is, thanks to all the experiences accumulated in the heart, a person can make the correct choice in a more effective way. Parents have a natural tendency to protect their child from all dangers, however, they soon discover that they cannot do it and that they have to let the children make their own decisions for themselves and take the risk of being wrong because it is as well as you learn.

The most important decision that a human being can make in his life is to be happy. Starting this path is worth it.

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