definition of cooperativism

The term cooperativism allows to designate that social movement, doctrine, that proposes, promotes, the cooperation of its followers or members at a social and economic level to in this way lead those who produce to achieve a considered benefit when it comes to satisfying their needs. It should be noted that these producers or consumers are united in associations popularly known as cooperatives.

Likewise, cooperativism may appear referred to as a cooperative movement.

The cooperative, for its part, consists of a association of autonomous and democratic characteristics that brings together individuals who for common needs came together and formed an organization that watches over and fights for their rights.

Meanwhile, it is the partners who decide how the management and administration of the same should be carried out, which will aim to satisfy the needs and economic, social and cultural projects presented by the members through a company.

It is important to note that the cooperative is one of the most recognized forms of economic and social organization.

Cooperativism and cooperatives frame their actions behind a series of universal values ​​in which they mainly propose to preserve issues such as cooperation and responsibility. These include: mutual support (the group is oriented towards solving common problems), effort (implies the strength of the members to achieve the proposed objectives), responsibility (present commitment to achieve goals), direct democracy (decisions are made together), equality (all members have the same rights and obligations), equity (the distribution of profits will be given in the framework of equality) and solidarity (always support your partner).

The International Cooperative Alliance It is the international organization that since the end of the 19th century, 1895, has been in charge of spreading the cooperative movement and sentiment throughout the world. Currently and since 1982 its headquarters are in Geneva and represents about 800 thousand people around the world.