definition of norm

Under the title of norm, it is called any law or rule that is established to be fulfilled by a specific subject in a space and also specific place. The norms are the guidelines of social order that are established in a human community to organize behavior, attitudes and different ways of acting so as not to hinder the common good.

Throughout history, different societies have established their particular set of social norms and laws that always have to do with structures of thought, ways of understanding the world and what surrounds them, values ​​considered moral, etc. This makes each set of social norms specific and particular to that community and that they are organized in such a way in relation to the needs and interests of that community.

The norms have traditionally been oral and the fact of becoming written is what makes them become universal and objective since the interpretive abuse that the parties can carry out is limited as they are established only in conscience. Today's legal norms are the inheritance of Roman law, one of the most complex sets of norms and laws of antiquity. When speaking of legal norms, we continue to refer to behavioral guidelines but these become much more specific and in many cases may not cover attitudes and moral values ​​that are already taken for granted and are not considered necessary to put in writing.

The rules can also be organized and classified according to the problems and topics on which they relate: economic, family, political, labor, criminal and many others. This makes it easier and faster to access the relevant sections of standards when they are needed.

In the same way that all societies have their own sets of rules and laws, they all have different systems of punishments and penalties for those subjects who do not comply or respect them and who thus fall into the category of dangerous individuals for society. Penalties and punishments can vary in intensity depending on the type of crime as well as the type of society or community in which the crimes are committed, some being harsher and more repressive than others.

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