definition of moral

Morality is the set of beliefs and norms that guide and orient the behavior of people, individually or in, in a given society, is something like the parameter that these have to know when something is wrong or right.

Etymologically the word derives from the Latin moris, whose translation would be that of custom, then and although most people use the terms moral and ethics interchangeably and it is not wrong either, moral is more associated with concrete and practical action, for example, there may be correct or incorrect morals or customs, such as giving in the seat of an elderly, disabled or pregnant person in public transport, to illustrate more graphically the first case and that of not responding to a greeting that would be the case of the wrong custom.

The moral, as we said, is closely linked to actionMeanwhile, each human action will have an impact on the social sphere producing some type of consequence that can be positive or negative and for this situation it will be that an action will be judged as good or bad, as appropriate, by the rest of society. That is why it is necessary for the happy and healthy coexistence of a group, that there is this kind of pre-established guide of good and bad actions so that each individual who has just come out into the world knows which side he will decide to be on.

The latter that I was commenting on is called objective morality, because regardless of whether the individual wants to abide by them or not, these moral norms are there, they exist despite him and his actions.

Following all these determinations that we express above, it follows that it is up to each individual to choose which path they want to follow, the one that conforms to the moral regulations of the place where they live or to rebel against it, but taking into account the negative consequences that this of course it will have, such as discrimination or isolation caused by the rest of the community to which it belongs.

Likewise, like ethics, a concept that also has its place here in ABC Definition, morality was already the object of study, attention and teaching in ancient times by great thinkers such as Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Pythagoras and Epicurus, among others.

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