definition of self-assessment

The self appraisal It is a method that consists of evaluating oneself the own capacity that is available for this or that task or activity, as well as the quality of the work that is carried out, especially in the pedagogical field.

Procedure that consists of oneself assessing and evaluating one's ability or knowledge in some area

People are more used to the typical regular evaluation process that we undergo at the instigation of the school or university, in which it is the teachers who evaluate whether the knowledge was learned correctly. This procedure is external, that is, it is carried out by a third party, the teacher through an oral or written test, or by presenting a practical work.

Meanwhile, the evaluation can also be personal and be carried out by each individual as we will address and learn in this review. This method allows a person to measure the knowledge they have about a subject and, for example, know if they are appropriate, or if they still have to learn more to master it.

Self-assessment is normally used by an individual, an organization, an institution or entity, since it is a very practical tool when it comes to knowing progress and deviations from objectives, programs, plans, among others. others and very especially on which the improvements of the functionality of a process or system depend. In the case of a company, the self-assessment will consist of a detailed and periodic review by the person in charge of making improvements to the operation of the same.

Meanwhile, the subject who evaluates himself will be taking in his hands the process of evaluating his own behaviors, ideas and learned knowledge.

A very useful tool if done honestly

Although this tool is discussed in terms of the objectivity that may result from having someone to self-evaluate, the importance that will result from it cannot be denied if the individual performs it with absolute honesty, which is clearly the fundamental idea this process.

How is the proccess?

The self-assessment of consciousness It is an introspective process that allows, first, to visualize and then to judge one's own behaviors and thoughts, so that if necessary, punish those who do not lead to the set goal based on corrective actions.


In the academic field, it is important that teachers encourage and teach their students in this sense, since in addition to giving them autonomy, it will help them when it comes to really assuming what they know or not and will also make them more responsible, because they are being given the right to being able to be the ones who judge whether they have learned the subject or not and obviously from this derives awareness.

On the other hand, it is very beneficial since it will help the student to develop other issues such as the ability to analyze and reflect.

Now, this does not imply that the teacher disappears, much less, the teacher will be there by the side guiding the student and providing him with tools so that he can carry out this process that will bring benefits in the educational plane but also personally to the student.

It is in the context of school education that this practice gains the greatest force. since it helps to know students, both their weaknesses and strengths, and therefore be protagonists of their own cognitive achievements. The teacher will play a fundamental role in it since he is the one who introduces the student to the management of techniques so that he himself can come to fruition.

Likewise, it is important that the teachers themselves undergo self-evaluation to know if the educational process faced is the appropriate one and if it needs any modification that achieves maximum satisfaction.

Medicine: the relevance of diagnostic self-evaluation to detect diseases early

On the other hand, in the field of medicine, diagnostic self-assessment It turns out to be of enormous help when it comes to the early detection of some diseases, such is the case of the self-evaluation that women are recommended to carry out around their breasts to self-detect whether or not they present lumps that can trigger breast cancer .

This personal recognition that women are recommended to do periodically and intimately is of enormous help for medicine that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and cure of this type of cancer, since it allows a case to be attacked in time, obviously having greater chances of being cured.

Thus, the professionals in this specialty must teach their patients to perform this self-examination at home and, when there is an irregularity, indicate that they must make a visit to study the case in depth.

Although we only mention the most common ones, self-evaluation turns out to be very important in any field as an integral part of the process of knowing oneself, as long as it is done in a serious, thoughtful, honest way and with the purpose of improving.

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