definition of behavior

Behavior is the way in which an individual behaves or acts in life or any other social actor. That is, behavior is the way of proceeding that people or organisms have in the face of the different stimuli they receive and in relation to the environment in which they operate.

Way in which a person or other social actor conducts himself and that allows us to know what he is like through his actions or omissions

We tend to use this concept as a synonym for behavior and vice versa.

How someone behaves allows us to know unequivocally what their way of being is. Because behavior refers to the actions of an individual and the events that he shows in his daily life.

People can not only be known by what they say but also by what they do or do not do.

The most important and appropriate thing is that there is a coherence between what is done and what is said, if there is a disconnection between both issues it will not be a good sign and this will anticipate that there is a conflict with that person and that there will not be a harmony within. .

Because basically someone's behavior is a true reflection of their internal universe. Of course it is very difficult for anyone, even if we try and want to, get into someone's head. Knowing their thoughts, etc., however, beyond that difficulty, the best way at hand when it comes to meeting someone is their actions, they show us who they really are, because when they speak they will be able to say many things. but we refer to actions and in them is the truth.

Issues that condition behavior

Just by observing different people we confirm that there are different types of behaviors in the face of the same situation, for example, because the behavior of someone in the face of a certain stimulus will affect the education that person has received in the first years of life, the experience, but The various existing social conventions may also do so, which somehow anticipate how society expects us to act in certain situations.

So, there are different ways of behaving which will be conditioned by the circumstances in question ...

The conscious behavior It is one that is carried out after a process of reasoning, for example, we greet the math teacher when we meet him on the street.

Behavior classes

For his part, the unconscious behaviorUnlike the previous one, it occurs automatically, that is, the individual does not stop to think or reflect on the behavior that he will develop, it directly comes out, for example, we take the finger when we hit it with the foot of the bed.

Meanwhile, the private behavior It will be the one that develops precisely in the personal sphere, in the intimacy of the home or in solitude; and then the public behavior, implies the absolute opposite, because we develop it in front of other human beings or in public spaces where we coexist with the rest of the society or community.

For the Psychology, one of the disciplines that is most concerned with the study of human behavior, behavior includes everything that a human being does in front of his environment.

Every interaction, no matter how small it may seem, involves a behavior, meanwhile, when the behavior begins to glimpse repeated patterns, we can talk about conduct.

Also, a behavior can be valued as to whether it is good or bad, depending on the framing that it observes within the established social and moral norms.

For example, when a child does not study he will be behaving badly; His parents or teachers can then reprimand him for not complying with the pre-established rule, which we know as punishment.

On the other hand, when a person mistreats another for no reason, he is having a very bad behavior.

The mistreatment, the violence that is exerted towards the others are morally and socially condemned, like so many other behaviors and therefore regarding them there is no doubt when classifying them as bad and unacceptable.

Finally, we must say that it is always very important to know the behavior of a person with whom you want to establish a stable bond in life, so as not to get unpleasant surprises, of course.

If a person behaves and thinks similar to us, then we will have a good harmony, on the other hand if this does not happen it will be very difficult to continue with the relationship, even if there is love and respect.

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