definition of natural landscape

A landscape is the extension of a land that is observed from a certain place and that will be conformed by the natural characteristics of the environment in question as well as by the intervention of the human being on it, constructions, environmental damages, among others.

Meanwhile, we cannot ignore that the concept has a special association with the beautiful and the artistic, as a consequence that these lands usually stand out for their natural beauty that makes people stop before them and certainly admire them.

Territories that have practically no human intervention

Now, the nature that surrounds us and with which we interact is not found in the same way, but quite on the contrary, it is possible to find natural spaces very intervened and modified by man to satisfy their needs for transport, housing, and of economic sustenance, but it is also possible that we find other areas that present a minimum of human intervention, being precisely the so-called natural landscapes.

Is named natural landscape To that part of the territory of planet earth that is almost untouched by man, that is, it has practically not been modified by the action of this.

In the natural landscape there is no alteration caused by man and by case it is attributed the name of natural. Its shape and characteristics are the product of the interaction of its climatic, geological and ecological components, nothing more and nothing less.

Main features

Tropical forests, elevated areas in the mountains, the poles, some areas on the coast, and certain desert spaces can be considered natural landscapes because they share elements in common that add to their naturalness and scarce human intervention since they are normally found. in places that are difficult to access, or where human life would be unfeasible due to extreme weather conditions, and then there are many disadvantages of settling in them.

At this point we must say that in these natural landscapes man has not set foot because the conditions have not served him well, because he has done so in all those landscapes that brought him some kind of benefit.

So the population that resides in them is always very low, or nonexistent, because there are no basic conditions for man to develop there.

Protected areas for the interest they represent

Although, the concept is also used with recurrence to designate those areas that have special protection, legislated by the relevant body, as a consequence of the special interest they are per se.

Although the aforementioned issue is the condition without equanom to be declared a natural landscape or natural space, as these places are also known, there are some other requirements that most of these regions meet and therefore they are designated in this way ...

Be representative of the different ecosystems, formations or natural landscapes, be they geological or geomorphological; that imply a relevant role in the conservation of the ecosystem, thus being able to ensure the evolutionary continuity of the different species found in it, among other issues.

Other demands turn out to be: conservation of those plant or animal communities, in such a way that they prevent the disappearance of any species, or at least that they maintain select evidence of the genetic material and scientific research, environmental education, or at least the control and study of environmental parameters.

And on the other hand, that they make two very important contributions, on the one hand, to maintenance and improvement of hydrological and water supply systems and on the other hand, contribute to erosion control as well as sedimentation control.


Some examples of natural landscapes are: parks (Natural areas little transformed by the hand of man, which, either because of their beauty, representativeness of their ecosystems, uniqueness of their flora or fauna, have aesthetic, educational values, among others, whose conservation deserves to be carried out) nature reserves (natural spaces that are protected due to their rarity, fragility, importance or uniqueness) and natural monuments (spaces or elements of nature that are made up of unique, beautiful components and therefore deserve to be protected).

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